Due to the unique changing size and shape a women’s body goes through during and after pregnancy, this guideline will help you choose the best fit for your AbdoMend™ C Section Support Belt and Strap and Hem It In support binder.

Sizing Issues? Please contact us with any questions.

Sizing Chart for Abdomend Support Belt & Strap- Post Surgery belt (C Section or other abdominal procedure)

Size Belly Measurement* Width of Belt Approx. Weight after birth
Petite 60 – 80 cm 15cm wide 47 – 56 kg
Small 81 – 95 cm 20cm wide 57 – 66 kg
Medium 96 – 115 cm 23cm wide 67 – 76 kg
Large 116 – 130 cm 25cm wide 77 – 86 kg
Voluptuous 131 – 145 cm 30cm wide 87 – 96 kg

*Measure around your belly; 5cm below your belly button at 9th Month of pregnancy. Take your measurement 5cm below your belly button around the buttocks area, not up at the waist.

At 9th months Subtract 8-12cm (10-20cm twins) for POST Birth Guesstimate. Reduce pre birth weight by 4.5-7kgs for post birth weight. (twins 9kg)

If you are not pregnant but need the support post-abdominal surgery, just go with the measurement you read.

The chart above is based on an average height of 1.65m. Please adjust to your needs.

Tip: Weight, Height and type of body (larger hips vs breasts) Must be taken into account.

Example at 38 weeks: 119cm measurement – 10cm for baby = 109cm: That’s a medium size for post birth.

Pregnancy Support sizing guideline: When 7or 8 months pregnant, consider that you will be growing by another 8-13cm during your 8th and 9th month. We suggest 2 belts one in each size so you can have pregnancy support and after baby’s birth support.

Note: Please be aware that your support belt may stretch while being worn during pregnancy. Women often buy one for pregnancy support, and a smaller size for after the birth. After surgery support is with the AbdoMend™Support belt and strap.

The best support immediately after a vaginal birth is with our Hem-It-In Belt which has a stronger inner elastic system. This belt may also be used for additional support 3 weeks after a C-Section.

Size Belly Measurement* Width of Belt Approx. Weight
Petite 60 – 85 cm 15cm wide 47 – 55 kg
Small 81 – 97 cm 18cm wide 56 – 60 kg
Medium 86 – 114 cm 20cm wide 61 – 68 kg
Large 96 – 119 cm 23cm wide 69 – 75 kg
Voluptuous 101 – 125 cm 25cm wide 76 – 86 kg

Tip: To make the Hem-It-In Belt smaller, turn it inside out.

Your AbdoMend™ Recovery belts are designed with 15 – 22cm of adjustability to help you transition through your recovery and back to your unique pre-pregnancy shape. (This explains the belly measurement variations for size choice)

*Weight, Height and type of body (larger hips vs breasts) Must be taken into account.