AbdoMend™ Hem-It-In Belt

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AbdoMend™ Hem-It-In Belt


  • Reduce your pain
  • Protect your delicate incision
  • Support your back and internal organs
  • Encourages muscle memory
  • Move in comfort while caring for baby
  • Discreet and easy to wear under your clothes
SKU: 003.

Product Description

The 100% cotton covered elastic Hem-It-In Belt can be worn immediately after vaginal birth or 2-3 weeks after a c section. Wearing the abdominal binder helps your tummy shrink and protects your incision as you recover from a c section. The Hem-It-In Belt is our core belt, with a 6 inch Velcro® closure attachment pad. The belt ranges from 6″-10″ wide, so your size and support needs can easily be met. Soft cotton covers our elastic, so it’s comfortable and cool. Great for wearing under clothing, for the discreet support needed as you get back to enjoying life with baby. Great for post vaginal birth also!

With the Hem It In Binder you can:

  • Reduce Post Partum Stress & Pain
  • Avoid Post Surgery Complications
  • Utilize the Ancient Healing Secrets of Binding
  • Move with Ease & Comfort
  • Have Support Inside & Out
  • Accelerate Your C Section Recovery
  • Support Your Back
  • Have Support on the Go

*The interior elastic of the AbdoMend™ Support Belt & Strap contains latex.

Size Belly Measurement* Width of Belt Approx. Weight
Petite 60 – 85 cm 15cm wide 47 – 55 kg
Small 81 – 97 cm 18cm wide 56 – 60 kg
Medium 86 – 114 cm 20cm wide 61 – 68 kg
Large 96 – 119 cm 23cm wide 69 – 75 kg
Voluptuous 101 – 125 cm 25cm wide 76 – 86 kg

Tip: To make the Hem-It-In Belt smaller, turn it inside out.

Your AbdoMend™ Recovery belts are designed with 15 – 22cm of adjustability to help you transition through your recovery and back to your unique pre-pregnancy shape. (This explains the belly measurement variations for size choice)

*Weight, Height and type of body (larger hips vs breasts) Must be taken into account.


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